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Drilling Tools & Equipment’s

Drilling and exploration have never been more challenging. Drilling equipment must operate in harsher and more remote environments than ever before, We Blue Ocean Company are on hand to assist with equipment purchases suitable for your environment.
Cementing & Accessories
Full range of Centralizers
Full range of Stop Collars

Drill Bits
Complete Range of Fixed Cutter Drill Bit Products
PDC Drill Bits in Matrix and Steel Body Dual cutting structure PDC
Bits, Steerable PDC Bits for Motor and Rotary Steerable Applications,
Diamond Impregnated Drill Bits and Core heads in all sizes.
Rock Bits

Pipe Rental
Rental Drilling Tools
Fishing & Abandonment Tool Rental
Rental Tubulars
Liquid Cargo Tanks

Rig Floor
Clamps - Safety
Coupling - Fast Shut Off
Drifts - Casing Tubing + Drill pipe (Nylon + Steel)
Inside BOP for Drill pipe & Tubing
Kelly/Kelly Bushing
Lifting Plugs
Pipe Packaging System
Line Pipe Bevel End Protectors & Pipe Packaging System
Thread Protectors

Specialized Milling equipment’s
Packer Milling and Retrieving
Casing Pilot Milling
Junk Mills
Round Nose /Flat Bottom Mills
Skirted Mills
Section Milling
Whip stock/Tapers Mills
Wash over Mills and Shoes
Watermelon/String Mills

Downhole Equipment
Provides downhole drilling motors.
Services and technology in drilling applications in the oil and gas.
EM systems, whip stocks and whip stocks systems.
Drilling jars, shock subs and drilling bits and utility industries.

Crossovers & Subs
Casing Scraper
Bottom Hole Pressure Gauges
Valve, Subsurface Safety (API)

Wellhead Fittings
Heads / Spools / Adapters / Bonnets
Seals / Slips / Hangers
Down Hole
Bit Breakers
Boot Basket / Junk Sub
Bumper Subs, Fishing Type
Casing Scraper & Casing Circulating Head
Cup Type Tester
Drill Collars
Drill pipe
Drive Subs
Fishing Jars, Bowen Type Z
Hole Openers
Intensifier Fishing Jar, Accelerator Jar
Mills, Flat Bottom Junk type
Over shots
Ring Gauges
Roller Reamer, sealed bearing type
Safety Joints
Side Entry Subs
Subs, Crossover
Taper Taps
Tubing & Tubing Pup Joints
Under Reamer

Drill Pipe
Drill Collars and Anchors
Thread Protectors
All types of Valves

About Us

Blue Ocean International (BOI) came into existence to attend to the needs of the Oil & Gas and Metal manufacturing industries on a global scale with a continuous supply of premium grade products through our vast experience in both fields combined with the extensive network of global manufacturers and suppliers.

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